Model Town, Lahore

Model Town, Lahore

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Model town is a unique housing society which is among the posh areas of Lahore. It is very famous residential area with population of almost 100,000 people living here. The total area of this society is almost 1463 acres.
It has many blocks ranging from “A to K”. it has more blocks from “L to S” which are regarded as “Model Town Extension”.

Model town has lots of Schools, markets and parks. Model town park is a very famous park of Lahore where people come for morning and evening walk. It is the largest public park of Lahore as well.

Many developers and architects regard Model Town as one of the best places in Lahore.

It is appealing that personal house of current Prime Minister of Pakistan “Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif” is also located in this area. His office is also in this society. What can be more attractive than that?

Anyone will love to live in this society where all these facilities are available easily. Many Schools and Colleges are also situated in this residential area.

Many senior journalists and bureaucrats live in Model town.

Another facility is that every bank has opened its branch over here. Major departmental stores like Metro and Pace are also here, which makes your life simpler.

It is an area where local as well as international brands are available with their full variety. In the heart of model, bank square market and central commercial market is constructed.

In addition, many markets are available with every block which provide all sorts of goods for its consumers.
For the sports lovers, it is the ideal place to live in. it has international cricket academy, Football Academy, Model Town club which has gym and Swimming facility.

With all these facilities, the society is also working hard to provide full security for its residents. Many barriers have been installed at each exit, these barriers are closed at night. Only four main entrances are opened 24 hours a day.

Therefore, this area is unique in its design and construction. People love living here and future aspects of this area are great and motivating. If you want a peaceful and clean environment for you and your loved ones, then no doubt model town is an ideal place to live with full confidence and pride. It’s not only facilitated you in everything, but comforts you in every way.