Gulberg, Lahore

Gulberg, Lahore

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Gulberg is one of the oldest and beautiful areas of Lahore. It is a residential and commercial area which is a center of many businesses. It is bordered by Shadman in west and Allama Iqbal Airport to the east. Due to its prime location, it has Aitchison College in its North side.

This area has many commercial centers, restaurants, sports complex, business centers, Schools, Colleges, Parks and much more. Gulberg is popular for its fashion and cuisine industry. It is the area where most celebrities live, making it attractive for the common people.

Basically, the name “Gulberg” has been derived from two Persian words. “Gul” means “Flower” and “Berg” means “Leaf”. That is because it was famous for its large gardens.

The most appealing fact about this area is that it has two major markets, Liberty Market and Main Market.
Any event, whether a wedding, a party or the Holy Eid festival, shopping from these markets is a part of our life. People from all around the city, visit these markets.

Many famous districts are also located in Gulberg, which are the center of attention for everyone, these include, M.M.Alam Road, Gulberg Main Boulevard, Jail Road, Portions of Mall Road, many others.

Many important buildings like Ali Tower, Vogue Tower, City Towers, Pace Towers, Alamgir Tower, Siddique Trade center and last but not least the famous and the largest mobile and computer market of Pakistan “Hafeez center” is also located in Gulberg.

Due to all these facilities, it is obvious that future of this area is fantastic. It is growing and it will reach the heights of excellence in future. People love to stay here because of its facilities.

Almost all popular Schools are located in this area. It is a place for all communities. Modern lifestyle is the key in this area. It has four phases, I, II, III and IV. All are unique in its architecting and construction.
It is an area which is beautiful and developing. All facilities of life are available here.

Lahore is famous for its food everywhere. Gulberg is a place where you can find easily all varieties of food ranging from continental, oriental and traditional cuisines. All famous chain of restaurants is in this area.

Hence, it is an area worth living. It was popular and it will be more advancing in future as well. For profits or for personal residence, investing here will be surely beneficial for you.