Emergence and Success of DHA Lahore

Success of DHA Lahore

It is needless to say that DHA Lahore is a huge success, not only one of the biggest in Lahore but also in Pakistan. A project started on limited scale many years ago to accommodate army officers and service personnel, has expanded its wings over the years (especially in last one decade) to become one of the most successful and high-returning housing projects in the country.

If we closely analyze DHA Lahore’s success story, then we will see that it is the trust and good credibility that DHA has managed to establish amongst investors and general public that has brought about such unmatched growth and expansion.

DHA Lahore’s complete computerized system, strict and well-enforced rules and regulations and very authentic transfer procedures have also helped in this matter. And certainly that is what you come to expect from a project managed by Pakistan Army which is the most trustworthy and loved entity in Pakistan.

Even with the amazing increase in prices and high-return on investment over the last ten years, DHA Lahore still has great investment potential especially in newer phases including Phase 7, 8 and 9. It is our top pick for investment in the Lahore Real Estate market and is likely to remain the same for years and years to come.

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