DHA Phase 7, Lahore

DHA Phase 6 and 7, Lahore

Umar Estate and Property Consultants

DHA Phase 7 is one of hot areas in Lahore. It is a great place to invest and get settled. DHA has made phases from 1 to 6 before and they all are running successfully. To get more success and entertain more customers, DHA has already started the development in this new phase.

DHA Phase 7 is located on the famous Barki Road. It has good road links with BRB Canal Road, Shabbir Shareef Road and Rohi Nala Road. It has many blocks or phases which range from C to Z. in most of the blocks electric work is being done.

This area is one of the modern areas of Pakistan with lush green parks, underground wiring, and broad roads, mosques, clubs and sports complex.

Although this area is touching its peak but still much more has to achieve. Future of this area is great, as soon as the construction is done, it will be categorized in elite places of Lahore.

Anyone who wants a relaxed and calm lifestyle, it is the great place for living. It is not only the house. You live in but environment plays an important role as well. It should be soothing to your eyes. It is land of perfection and peace, with all luxurious of life.

DHA Phase 7 is a landmark which shows beautiful plotting and management skills of the planners and the engineers. Real estates have given these a unique look. It has its own charm and attraction. This scheme is best for future profits. It is valuable for all business as well.

In today’s fast world, sometimes we need a place where we are free from all hassles of the city. You want peace and discipline with clean environment. It is free from all sorts of pollution. Another interesting fact about this area is the security which is providing by the authority itself.

Plants and greenery not only look good but it is very important for our health as well. For this reason, a number of parks and gardens have built here. Along with all the roads, green belts and trees are planted so that it gives you fresh feel when you are driving.

It has many Schools and Libraries as well. With all these facilities, this area is admired by many people. The carpeted roads have made it easier to travel in short time to your described destination. It is an ideal phase for living and investing.