DHA Phase 6, Lahore

DHA Phase 6, Lahore

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Attractive, beautiful, livable and comfortable, all facilities can be described for DHA Phase 6. DHA is the most Elite class and Posh society in Lahore with several phases. All phases are divided into further blocks or sectors. The houses and buildings are constructed in modern style with friendly atmosphere. The environment of this area is loved by everyone. Lush green parks attract not only kids but elders as well.

DHA Phase 6 is located on the East-Western side of Lahore. It is ideally located between the Barki Road and the Bedian Road. This phase touches the Ring road interchange. A very famous Defence Raya Golf Resort is at back of Phase 6. It is an area of elite class and that’s why most families are well-educated.

It is a part of DHA, so it’s obvious that it provides all the basics and luxuries of life. You just imagine and you get it. Many people are living here and many houses are available for resale as well.

Phase 6 provides standardized living; it has beautifully constructed roads, parks, educational institutions, landscapes, and much more. It offers you safe and healthy environment.

The network of roads is very wide and newly constructed. It has separate parks and pure water tanks for each sector. It has a hospital which provides you all health facilities. No doubt it is a safe place to live in with full security system.

It is ideal for anyone to construct an ideal dream world in this phase. Luxurious and elite lifestyle is a necessity now days. People are educated now and want to live in clean and good environment, for such people it’s the best suitable place in Lahore, because already it is populated and you will have a nice neighborhood.

The phase is directly opposite to Phase 5 of DHA. Many restaurants are located here, with number of international brands and banks. A beautiful masjid is also constructed in Sector B and Sector K. Telephone, cable, all facilities are available here and it will be center of attraction soon.

The location of this phase is excellent and it is very well located from all ends. For commercial use or for personal use, this sector is ideal. Surely you will love to invest here, as it is the future of DHA. It has sectors from A to N. another appealing fact is that government of Punjab is developing first Knowledge city in Dera Chahal, which is very near to Phase 6