DHA Phase 4, Lahore

DHA Phase 4, Lahore

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Location of DHA Phase 4:
It is located on Ghazi road and this phase has good road links with DHA flyover, Lahore ring road Rohi Nala road and Ferozpur road, making it ideal place to live in like other phases of DHA, this phase is also well developed and modern. It has wide carpeted roads with footpath.

This phase has good proximity to Arfa Karim Software Tower and LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences). You can find High-end properties in DHA phase 4.

DHA phase 4 is the choice of modern people, as it is considered as one of the posh residential areas of Lahore. It provides all the basic facilities to its residents and they can find everything nearby.

DHA is a city itself which has schools, markets, parks, petrol rumps, etc. hence making it ideal for investing money for you home.

Sectors of DHA Phase 4:
It has many sectors, which are sector AA, BB, CC, CCA, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH and JJ. All these blocks are well developed. It has a wide range of plots available. The price is high and houses are expensive, because people are ready to invest more here, as they know the future is bright here. Flats are also available here for rent and sale. The houses construed are lavish and beautiful.

Many restaurants are available in phase 4, including Manhattan bites, California crusts, BBQ xpress side café and many more for the music lovers.

“The guitar school” is opened in sector DD, Phases 4.

Many branches of famous banks are here, which is also very beneficial for its residents. Defense housing authority has always provided best facilities to its people. Everyone wish to live in this peaceful and clean environment. Although its prices are high, still it’s a profit motive area, and many people are investing here.

Owning a home is always a first wish for most of the people, they earn money from different projects and then invest to build their own ideal home. DHA Phase 4 is the right place to fulfill their dreams into reality with its comfortable life style and rare facilities like many bakeries and food courts are available here to bring happiness in boring and hectic life, along with these all facilities the name of DHA belongs to trust and ideal living in mind of many people.

So if you want to live in a decent place in Lahore, than DHA Phase 4 should be you first choice.