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Lahore Housing Societies

Emergence and Success of DHA Lahore

It is needless to say that DHA Lahore is a huge success, not only one of the biggest in Lahore but also in Pakistan. A project started on limited scale many years ago to accommodate army officers and service personnel, has expanded its wings over the years (especially in last one decade) to become one of the most successful and high-returning housing projects in the country.

If we closely analyze DHA Lahore’s success story, then we will see that it is the trust and good credibility that DHA has managed to establish amongst investors and general public that has brought about such unmatched growth and expansion.

DHA Lahore’s complete computerized system, strict and well-enforced rules and regulations and very authentic transfer procedures have also helped in this matter. And certainly that is what you come to expect from a project managed by Pakistan Army which is the most trustworthy and loved entity in Pakistan.

Even with the amazing increase in prices and high-return on investment over the last ten years, DHA Lahore still has great investment potential especially in newer phases including Phase 7, 8 and 9. It is our top pick for investment in the Lahore Real Estate market and is likely to remain the same for years and years to come.

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Future Growth Prospects of Lahore Real Estate Industry

The property business of Pakistan is in booming phase. The prices are expected to rise in future and investors are very much interested to invest their money in Lahore.

It is always a wise decision to invest in cooperative Housing schemes and DHA, as Lahore is one of the best places to invest in Pakistan. Bahria Town is also a grand project, where development has gained the interest of the people. Gulberg and LDA (Lahore Development Authority) Avenue are affordable housing schemes.

Due to increase in demand, a number of projects have been introduced in this city. Many overseas Pakistanis are attracted to it and want to invest in posh areas of Lahore. Elite class living is a choice of everyone, these Housing Schemes are struggling a lot to provide all the world-class facilities to the residents of Lahore.

Although, law and order situation of our country was not so good, but it has improved a great deal now. It has helped build trust among the citizens and investors and it has and will encourage investment in local real estate.

On the other hand, the taxes and other charges are rising continuously which is somewhat decreasing the buying power of people. It is a fact that if Government will not take proper measures, than it is expected to hamper the progress of this rapidly growing and high potential industry.

However in spite of these problems, future of Lahore real estate industry looks very bright and it is good time for investment.

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Problems Faced by Lahore Real Estate Industry

Like other real estate markets all around the world, Lahore’s market also face fluctuations in terms of prices of properties, activities and investment trends. The activity was slow in last few years because of increased taxation by the government on property transactions.

The political unrest gives negative impact on every business and real estate is no exception. Some people are hesitating to invest due to it. The economic conditions of the country are shackled due to political demonstrations.

These political activities have affected local real estate business a lot. Heavy taxation has been imposed and transfer fees have been increased as well. This has decreased the profitability, as many charges have been imposed by the Government on transferring.

Investors are not ready to invest for getting small returns, as these taxes have adversely affected the real estate industry and its rapid growth.

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Top Picks for Investment in Lahore

Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan and capital of Punjab is developing rapidly. The real estate sector of Lahore has always gained interest of the people, which has offered excellent results and investment options over the last ten years or so.

Below are our top picks for result-oriented investment in the beautiful and ever-growing city of Lahore,

1- Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

2- Bahria Town

3- Valencia Town, Wapda Town

4- Model Town

5- Gulberg, Lahore Cantt

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DHA Lahore Announces Opening of Possession for Sectors Y and Z in its Phase 7

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore has opened possession for selected commercial and residential plots in Sectors Y and Z in its newly developed Phase 7. The possession in other Sectors of the Phase have already been announced.

For more details, please visit the page below,

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DHA Lahore’s Amended Construction and Development Bye-Laws

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore has announced its amended construction and development bye-laws approved in its Executive Board’s 51st meeting. DHA Lahore is known for its strict and well-enforced rules and regulations.

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Ten Most Popular Residential Projects (Housing Societies) in Lahore over the Last Ten Years

Lahore, Capital city of Punjab and heart of Pakistan, has a number of residential areas which are clean and comfortable. Ten most popular housing schemes in Lahore are as follows:

1) DHA (Defence Housing Authority):
It has wider streets, beautiful parks, lot of commercial centers and clean environment. There are lots of phases from “Phase 1 – 9”. Due to its luxurious lifestyle, it is also expensive as well.

2) Bahria Town:
It is a society with good combination of conventional and modern living. Beautiful parks and animals statues make it outstanding, Traditional bungalows, farm houses, luxury houses and economical houses. All are present in this society.

3) Cantonment (Lahore Cantt):
It is one of the safest and peaceful area, which is mostly filled with Army individuals. It is a quiet place with neat environment.

4) Gulberg:
When you are going to discuss about housing schemes, Gulberg also comes in the list. It is another good place to live in Lahore. A very famous Liberty Market is located in Gulberg. Most of the celebrities have their houses in Gulberg. Many famous Departmental stores, offices and commercial centers are also here.

5) Model Town:
It is famous for its wide avenues and lush green parks, Link road Market, located in Model town, is one of the famous shopping Street in Lahore, as all Clothing brands have built their outlets here.

6) Eden Villas:
This society is located on the Canal Road. It has shopping areas, fitness centers and much more, for an ideal living in this area.

7) EME Society:
Another beautiful society located along canal road. It has lot of commercial markets, restaurants and parks. Due to its wider roads, it’s becoming popular day by day.

8) Punjab Housing Society:
It is a beautiful society which is affordable by everyone. It is located next to Defence. Houses are constructed bit closer and roads are somehow narrower.

9) Johar Town:
This area is named after Molana Muhammad Ali Johar. It has big parks, commercial markets and all famous Schools. It is however a good society with all facilities available here.

10) Faazia Housing Scheme:
This is a Residential project of PAF [Pakistan Air Force]. It offers luxurious and modern lifestyle.

However, there are many other societies which are beautiful, developed and ideal for living, these above housing societies really upgrade the status of living in Lahore.

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